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Pay by Direct debit (Bg autogiro)

We have an invoice fee for all paper invoices. If you choose to pay using Direct debit, you will not be charged this fee and your premiums will be withdrawn from your account automatically on the second last banking day each month, so you don't have to worry about ever being uninsured. Direct debit is also better for the environment.

Activate Direct debit

If you would like to pay for your partner as well, please contact Akademikerförsäkring before activating Direct debit.

There are several ways to activate Direct debit payments:

By registering through your bank
Log on to your bank's webpage and navigate to the page for Direct debit (autogiro), find Akademikerförsäkring i Stockholm AB. Enter your customer ID (kundnummer) and submit the form. 

By signing the Direct debit consent form online
Go to the Direct debit consent form (in Swedish) and enter your details. Sign with BankID, Mobilt BankID or your Telia ID.

  1. Download and print the Direct debit consent form (in Swedish)

  2. Fill in and sign the form.

  3. Send the form in an unstamped envelope to:
    Akademikerförsäkring Svarspost,
    Kundnummer 11 090 41 00
    110 30 Stockholm

If you have received an invoice prior to or shortly after your Direct debit registration, please pay it as usual.