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Your new student insurance

You are insured via your professional association throughout your study period.

Accident insurance
As a new student member of your professional association, you get free student accident insurance which is valid throughout your study period. The insurance is valid 24 hours a day, including in your leisure time. 

The insurance provides compensation in the event of injury as a result of an accident. It covers, among other things: Invalidity, costs for medical treatment, hospitalisation, dental injuries and rehabilitation. It also includes crisis insurance.

Why have I received an insurance policy from you?
Your professional association is one of our owners and, as a membership benefit, we insure all student members up to the age of 45.

Add home insurance
As a student member, you are also entitled to take out advantageous home insurance specially designed for people who study.

It provides satisfactory basic protection that covers fire and water damage, burglary and assault. Travel insurance is also included in the home insurance.

Personal advice
As a member of your professional association, you are also entitled advice from us free of charge.

Call 0771-111 999 and we will help you review your insurance needs based on your living circumstances.